What’s for you….

Blogging has been a huge help to me. Like keeping a journal, i can type out my verbal vomit and release it from my mind. If I can help someone too? Even better.

Recently, i’ve felt a bit all over the place and I suppose, downtrodden. The hum-drum of daily living, working and housework ( which never seems to make the place look any better 🙈) have all just been constant chore.

It’s no secret in my family that i’m completely jinxed when it comes to things breaking or going wrong.😂 Whether it’s something as simple as my wardrobe rail breaking and my clothes having to lie on the floor for a week, small things can be enough to put me into a spin. I sometimes feel like i’m juggling so many balls in the air that it’s just a matter of time before they all come crashing down.

I’m naturally a pessamist. It’s a self-protection thing that I found has protected me from disappointment. Healthy? No….and i’m working on it.

I’m really trying this year to focus on the positive things and the positive people who have come into my life, but it can be really challenging. I’m very fortunate to have people who can pick me up when i’m down. ❤

I’m focusing on what I want out of life and striving to get there. Everyday I try to visualise it. You should too. If today like me, you are feeling run down, sad, worried even if there doesn’t have to be a reason. Know that it will pass. Focus on the end goal, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get there so quickly. Baby steps. Take your time. Breathe. If you can’t face washing a 6th load of dishes…just leave them. Get the chocolate out of the cupboard, have a cry and stick on Netflix.

As my Granny always says “What’s for you will not go past you”. Do I believe you, Granny? I’m not so sure….but I WANT to believe you and that’s what matters.

We need to make decisions about WHAT we WANT in life. WHO we want in our lives and find a way to make it happen.

Here is to finding a future, even through the exhausted fog. And here is to blogging. Lordy it’s good 😁😁

Much Love xxx

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