“Re-charge Day”

Today is what i’m calling my “recharge day”. It’s 12.55pm and I can proudly say I have done next to nothing 🥰
It’s rare.

I’ve been so stressed the past few days, which in turn has meant i’ve been overly emotional and not sleeping great. My time off work has not felt like a holiday at all.

Until today. 😁

I took Martha to school, came back home, kicked my shoes off and put my feet up for 3 whole hours. I have watched rubbish telly, ignored my phone beeping and just enjoyed being in my own company…..I might go wild later and shave my legs 😁..the day is my oyster 🤣

snug as a bug in a rug. ❤

If you’ve been running on empty, make sure you take time to recharge. Even if it’s only for a little while.
You’re allowed.
It’s ok.
Everything else can wait until tomorrow. ❤❤

Much Love. Xxx

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