Accept yourself. ❤

Something amazing just happened….

I go abroad in 5 days and i’ve been putting off trying on all the swimwear I bought for fear of….well…hating myself again.

I mean, most of it doesn’t leave much to the imagination so there is no way of getting away from the stretch marks, the rolls, the cellulite.

I’ve pushed the idea of it to the back of my mind because I didn’t want to have to face up the disaster and have a complete freak out before I even got there.

I want to enjoy the break.

I want to enjoy the heat, without feeling the need to cover up my arms, stomach and legs.

I want to lie on a sun lounger, reading a book and drinking a cocktail without worrying about who is looking at me and what they’re thinking.

And do you know what?

I honestly think I will. 😁

I tried on every swimsuit, every bikini….and it was OK.

Ok” maybe doesn’t sound that fantastic but for me it really is.

My body hasn’t changed much recently and i’m nowhere near where I want to be, but I think i’ve accepted that the way it looks, every jiggle, every wobble, every thigh clap when I sit down is just ME!

Will I have moments of doubt when i’m over there? Of course.

Will I be smearing myself in anti-chafing gel so I don’t end up red raw? You betcha! 😁😁

And do you know what? There is nothing wrong with that. I’ll be in a place surrounded by all different shapes and sizes and i’ll feel “OK” which for me, is everything……

STOP thinking you can’t wear certain clothes.

STOP comparing your body to someone else’s.

STOP feeling unworthy.

I guarantee that if you put on that one thing in your wardrobe that you always chicken out of wearing, you will get compliments, because you will be oozing a confidence you didn’t even know you had!

BE present.

BE self loving.

BE kind.

Much Love xx

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