You can’t pretend.

As I handed my wedding bouquet to Martha for her pretend wedding, I was filled with a mix of emotion.Joy, at seeing her face light up and sadness when remembering when I stood there holding it saying “I do”.Moments like those, you think will last forever. I remember the emotion of saying my vows and meaning every word.Despite all that has happened and deciding that we weren’t forever as we planned, I still hold that day so close to my heart.I’ll never regret it.It would have been easy to throw away everything related to the wedding and pretend it didn’t happen, to shut myself off from the pain of the memories. But it happened. It was a massive event in my life.Today, as Martha is looking through the wedding album, i’m so glad that I kept everything. I want her to always believe in the magic of marriage. I want her to always imagine walking down the ailse. I want her to see the happiness in our eyes and know that she too, can have that.I’ll always be honest with her. When we get married, we want it to be forever, but none of us know what the future will bring.So my point is this.Martha will grow up looking at my wedding album and i’ll always be honest with her. She will always know that she came from a marriage that, back then was filled with love.It may not have lasted, but our love for her always will ❤Take a moment.Remember that day.Don’t block it out and pretend it didn’t happen. We grow from every experience we have and they make us who we are.We don’t always know what will happen but it’s up to us to make sure that we do what feels right at the time and follow our hearts. ❤We only get once chance at life.Much Love xx

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