Do what you love and love what you do.

At the end of a long working day, trying to catch up on family time, making dinners, catching up on house work, it’s easy to wonder if juggling everthing is worth it.

The stress we can go through at work, at home can just be……bleugh!

I had time to reflect at work today during my appraisal. Work has been hard. As with every job, paperwork piles up, understaffing puts a great pressure on things and it can be easy to want to lock yourself away and have a cry (which has happened) or just throw in the towel and go home to bed.

I got asked if I enjoy being a Social Care Officer and I couldn’t lie…..I do.

I love helping people. It makes me feel good. Despite all the obstacles and challenges we face day to day

Maybe that’s egotistical….I don’t know. 🙈

I think anybody who is involved in the care of another person, whether paid or not is an absolute unsung hero.

I also got asked if I leave feeling fulfilled. Again, I had to answer honestly and say “no”. I don’t leave my work at the door, I always worry i’ve not done enough or i’ve forgotten to do something-again it’s something we all feel and comes with the territory.

I’m making a conscious effort to try to not get bogged down by the stresses and just enjoy my work as long as I can. I’m not perfect and I make plenty of mistakes but I’m passionate that we should all treat others as we want to be treated. I’m lucky that I work with a great bunch of people that I can have great banter with. 😁

To get enjoyment from your work, you have to enjoy what you do. If you don’t, what are you doing it for? Work should be a passion and a dedication and the good days should outweigh the bad.

If you’re not happy, only YOU can change it. Find your passion, find what you’re good at and go and nail it!

Do I think i’ll be in my job forever? Probably not as it’s so physical and I already feel like a 90 year old when I stand up 😂 but who knows.

Life is too short. Do what makes you happy. Don’t let the petty things become massive, brush off the haters and do what you do best with every fibre of your being. You’ve got this. 👊😘

Much love xxx

P.s. special shout out to Kirsty. My best friend. A woman who has studied and worked so hard to be a neo-natal nurse. She knew what she wanted and she went for it. So proud of you 😘

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