Foot loose!

I was fortunate enough to get to a concert last night and it was amazing!

80’s tunes back to back, being sung by some seriously talented people. Two of which, I am lucky to call my friends.

What a night it was. There was such a buzz in the theatre and folk were on their feet from the start.

It’s funny really, usually with things like this I tend to just sit for fear of looking like a plonker. NOT last night though!

Despite having the worst sore head i’ve had in a long time (thanks Thunder Storm) 🙄 and only having a few drinks, I was strutting my stuff in my seat and then IN THE AILSE!!😂🙈

For once I didn’t care. I wasn’t the only one and I was just enjoying the moment which I don’t often do.

Instead I usually worry about making a fool of myself or worrying about what other people think…perhaps this is a new me? 🤔

I normally over- analyse everything, from what i’m wearing to what my make-up looks like. For instance, yesterday I put a nose ring in for the first time and it was a bit big. I would usually over think it and freak out but last night I just thought “oh well, it’s in now”😂. Such minor things really make giant leaps in day to day living.

Last night was enlightening for me. I was free from worry, and I can’t remember the last time that has happened. Change is afoot I feel.

So to anyone who is anxious, stressed, worrys about every little thing… will get better, I promise.

One small change can have a big impact.

You will get there.

You will have good days and bad days, and on the good days, just embrace it and enjoy every moment.

We are only here once so if you want to dance in the ailse of a theatre, if you want to take your bra off and throw it onstage ( I didn’t do that 😂) then flippin’ well just do it.

Much love xxx

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