Living in the moment.

It’s never something i’ve done to be honest, living in the moment. I always look ahead. Sometimes with excitement, sometimes with dread. I focus 40 years in the future and panic about the “What If”.

When I moved a month ago, into my own little house I was trying to make a conscious effort to live more in the moment, enjoying the here and now and trying not to worry about what is going to happen.

Well….that may have backfired slightly as I’ve spent 2 hours as a sweaty, bingo-winged blur ransacking the house looking for my passport (which expired in 2009-I know) and also for my car tax reminder ( which after a few days of internal worry, was found in my jacket pocket) I’ve known i’ve needed both things and they have been on my imaginery to do list all month…but I just forget 😭

Oh, I also forgot to change my pay details at work so now my wages are going to get paid in the account that i’m not part of anymore. Luckily, Big Al still uses the account and will sort it 😀

HUGE praise and respect to everyone who juggles a busy life! I was never good at juggling unfortunately 🙄😂

I think I took relaxing and living in the moment a bit too far this time and need to find a balance.

I now realise just how much stuff i’ve yet to sort and unpack but hey, now that i’ve found both things I need surely I can enjoy the moment just one final time? Just until I finish my glass of wine? Awesome!

Much love, from an exhausted, working single Mum who can’t blame anyone but herself. 😁

P.S. I have just realised that I look half wasted and that I have an abnormally giant hand. I have only had ONE glass and my hand is regular sized in real life 😂. Honest!

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