Why do we do it?

So i’m sitting here ready to get a bikini wax….I know….T.M.I right? It got me thinking though, why am I doing it? I mean, i’m single now and nobody has been near it in months, I might as well padlock it. 😂

I first got it done a month ago and i’m not going to lie, it was super painful but I felt great afterwards 😀

That’s what anything we do in life is supposed to do. Whether you get your eyebrows done, nails done, buy yourself that new pair of shoes..eat that second bit of cake it doesn’t matter. If things make you feel good and you’re not hurting anybody then why not?

There can be stigma attached to doing anything. If a parent wants to go for a night out and let his/her hair down, then so what? If you want to spend money on waxing, or botox, or spray tans then go for it! If the kids are happy then when shouldn’t we be.

Do what makes you happy. Spoil yourself. I’m always the worst for pampering and it’s only been the past few months that i’ve started getting my hair done more often and getting my moustache waxed 🙈.

Usually, I shave my legs about once a month and if i’m wearing sandals, only paint the toes I can see 🙈

So yes, i’ll lie there with my foof out for myself. Not for anybody else.I may come out red raw and walking home like i’ve just spent a week riding a horse, but I know tomorrow i’ll feel great. 😁

It’s ok to take some time for you.

So do it.

Book yourself in that for massage:

Go for that long awaited catch-up with friends:

Get the tattoo you’ve wanted for years:

Get a sitter and go on the date you and your partner never seem to manage.

Live your life. If you’re happy, then your family will be too.

Much love xx

….from a red raw, very tired Mum.

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  1. Sara · Jun 25, 2019

    Awesome 👏🏽
    Love ya

    Liked by 1 person

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