Oh, to be young again

Today I got to see Martha take part in her first sports day. As I watched her and the rest of her little team line up for the first race, I could sense the excitement and nerves. Bearing in mind, that there are no rankings and it’s all just for fun, they still all wanted to do the best they could. Super cute 😍

I remember being 4 like it was yesterday. Going to nursery was exciting! Watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks every single day ( that Mum had recorded off of the tele and had the old milky way advert on it) was the highlight of my days. Being completely sucked in by the imagery and music. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Getting sooo excited if we got a sweetie as a treat, or if Mum had enough money to get face cold meat..which naturally, I would eat the eyes out of and hold it up to my face because otherwise, what’s the point right? 🤣

I would go back to that time in a heart beat. Seeing the magic in everything. Martha stopped the other day, just to point out a snail sitting on a leaf. I would never have noticed. The joy she gets, running up to the traffic lights to push the button and wait on the green man. When does that stop?

The overwhelming sense she gets to dance everywhere and anywhere when she hears a rhythmn.

The excitement on her face today when I walked into her Dads house to pick her up ❤

Being young is….being able to pick out a wedgie with nobody judging you😁. Being able to be completely yourself because you know no different. It’s about not caring about what you look like, what other people look like, not worrying about bills, and schedules and the future. It’s living life to the fullest every single day without having to do very much.

Yes, i’d go back there in a heart beat, sitting watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks eating my face cold meat and feeling truly content.

Oh to be young again. ❤

Much love x

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