Let the haters hate.

Watching Martha dance in her first show made my heart burst with pride. As did the heart of every relative of every person up on stage. Seeing everybody just absolutely loving their time on stage and having a ball. It isn’t about being better than somebody else, it’s about believing in yourself and enjoying the moment.

Usually, when I try something new it would be around this time that I have what I would call “A Wobble”. I worry all the time about what people think. I have never wanted people to think I love myself or that i’m arrogant. However, because I worry so much, it’s held me back from doing the things I love to their full potential. I always forget that the people who really matter in my life are the people who will love everything I do. No matter what.

If I post up a singing video, or write my blog I feel good for about an hour and then just panic. I worry about the gossip and what people are saying about me. Why should I care? I get annoyed that I do care. What I have to try to remember though is that if someone rolls their eyes and has negativity, or decides that i’m their negative topic of conversation, then they are not the people I should be associating with or bothering about. It’s hard though, to remove negativity from your life. Especially today when social media is everything and everywhere. The negative stuff is always harder to believe. I would love to keep the magic of being young and doing something out of pure enjoyment without the worry. It’s refreshing and something i’m going to try really hard to abide by from now on. Let the haters hate. We all say and do things we shouldn’t and that’s what makes us human. What also makes us human though is our ability to love and support. I do my best to support all my friends in everything they do, regardless of what it is or why. One trait I will never have and I hope Martha never has is jealousy. I will raise her to support and encourage people. No dream is too big and I want her to do what I never did…..believe in herself.

Much Love xx


  1. Isabella Malone · Jun 23, 2019

    Life throws a lot of things our way, some good and some not so good. How we deal with them is what makes us who we are and you’ve had your share of not so goods. You’re still Eileen, a lovely person and that is how you will go on to bring Martha up. There will always be small minded people but their opinions don’t matter x

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  2. Catherine (Claire’s Auntie!) · Jun 24, 2019

    I spotted Martha on the stage – she was having a ball!

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