A brilliant day!

Today was a massive day! It may seem so trivial but to me it was MASSIVE! I finally went to IKEA. 5 hours of pretty much being in heaven. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop. Lighting, soft furnishings, kitchenware and meatballs! I felt free today. Free to make my own choices about what to buy, how much to spend, how I want my new home looking. It was liberating. For a long time I have avoided going places I haven’t been, if I know there is a system to adhere to. For instance I love sushi but have never gone to a sushi place to eat because I don’t know what to do with the conveyer belt thingymajig and it gives me the actual fear. I don’t know why asking someone to explain it to me is so terrifying but it is 🙈🤣

Luckily today I was with someone who had been before and knew about the writing down system and collecting the big items at the end….thanks Pal!

It was everything I had hoped for and more. Following the arrows through a treasure trove of inspiration to be met at the end with a £700 bill…..but every penny was carefully spent with thought.

I didn’t get carried away for once. Each item has a use and a need. A day away with great banter, great shopping and a transit van was just perfection.

The only downside is that I now have 3 chests of drawers, a side unit, 8 storage cubes , and a shelving unit to build.

Anyone got a screwdriver?

Much Love xx


  1. Justine Noon · Jun 22, 2019

    Loving your little blog!! Three posts and I can seriously relate to everything you have said ! Knew there was a reason why u like you so much!
    Totally get the whole avoidance of new places – I had the fear the other day when I had to use a car park in Glasgow for work all because I didn’t know what their pay system would be . Or keeping unwanted online purchases if I don’t understand the returns process.
    However maybe we do make a mistake and feel a bit silly but perhaps it is worse to miss out on things that would bring us enjoyment !?

    I have No idea how a sushi bar works but if you need a fellow clueless and anxious buddy to explore it with give me a shout ! I’m sure it would be a giggle 🤭

    J xx

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    • BusyMum · Jun 22, 2019

      Oh my god Justine! I am completely the same with carparks. Xxx


  2. Steph · Jun 22, 2019

    LOVE Ikea and am an Ikea flat pack building expert! 🔨🛠🧰

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