Just stop.

It’s ironic, that after being on nightshift and currently being awake for 26 hours that I have managed to do more housework today than I have the past week.

I don’t know why.

It happens sometimes that my body seems to get a surge of energy and starts running on adrenaline. Like my body knows that I can’t stop to sit down too long or i’ll conk out.

Then it got me thinking that I spend so much time hating my body that I don’t give it enough credit. For instance, on a daily basis……

I hate it that it doesn’t work properly in so many ways. Especially this past wee while, even the smallest of things like having a period has to become a big issue for my body and something that has to be pushed to the extreme.

I hate it on the days when I struggle to tie my hair up, put on make-up, cook or clean because the physical pain and aching is too much.

I hate it on the days when my hair is out of control, the dark circles under my eyes are rife and when clothes that fit me a few days previously feel tight.

I hate it on the days when it allows my brain to overthink, over analyse and feel anxious.

But on days like today, i’m so proud of it. I’m proud that although far from perfect my body allows me to work, run a home and be a Mum.

It allows me to wake up everyday with a purpose.

My body has helped me come through even the most awful experiences throughout my life and for that i’m so thankful.

So we need to stop. We need to stop being so hard on ourselves. Stop feeling guilty that we are having a bad day. Stop feeling bad that we may have gained the quarantine 15 and our clothes are tighter.

We need to stop. Maybe just to rest. Maybe just to think. Maybe just to start appreciating everything we can do. Maybe just to LISTEN TO OUR BODIES.

Be kind to yourself. On the days when you struggle know for certain that so many others will be struggling too.

But we get up, we get on and we do what needs to be done. We find the energy we need sometimes without even being aware and for that, we are amazing. 🥰

Much love xxx

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