Life is a rollercoaster…

I’m on the comedown from Nightshift and have been awake for 29 hours, and yet my brain is in overdrive.

2019 has been a complete rollercoaster of a year. Not just for me, but for many people I know.

Day to day life can be all consuming and we can get bogged down by the little things like the weekly food shop, the housework, going to work everyday, that we forget to look around and see what’s important.

Life has so many ups and downs and the negatives are easier to focus on than the positives.

I’ve always been more of a pessimist because I was under the belief that if I expected the worst, I wouldn’t be disappointed. Now though, I don’t believe that’s necessarily the best way to be.

I’ve been trying out a new technique of telling myself every morning, 5 things I am grateful for. It sounds cliched and over dramatic but I have found that if I do this, it pushes more of those negatives thoughts I have about myself, my life, and my situation to the back of my mind and I have been a lot more content overall.

Rubbish stuff happens, but we can’t let it define us and rule our lives.

We can only live our best lives, by doing exactly that. Living. Our. Best. Life.

So if you’ve been feeling a bit blue, or negative or maybe even just a bit blah wake up in the morning and say 5 things you are grateful for.

If you’re feeling rubbish about you as a person, tell yourself 5 good things…

If you need any help, let me start…

You are amazing.

You are talented.

You are capable of anything you set your mind to.

Life is yours for the taking.

You’ve got this. ❤

Try to enjoy the rollercoaster of life because it’s too darn short and we only get one go at it.

I recently got asked, if I could choose to live in this world, or a world where I was born into happiness and was happy all of the time..what would I choose?

I chose this life.

My reason? If you were born happy and were happy all the time, you wouldn’t actually know you were happy.

You wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good stuff if the negative things never happened.

What would you choose?

Much love, always xx

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