Size is just a number

20190713_142456.jpgI love shopping. I sometimes wish I didn’t 😂 but I love finding a bargain and falling in love with a new outfit, or a new pair of shoes.

I was shopping yesterday with my baby sister and tbh, I was infuriated! Every shop, my size of clothing was different. We were in a specific shop that is known for cheap, but popular clothing. I’m browsing the aisles and decide to look for a pair of jeans. Now i’ve worked my butt off to drop 2 dress sizes but I came across a pair of jeans that were bigger than my size..but that would fit on my ankle. I held them up to my very slim sister, and even she would have struggled to wear them!

We fixate so much on clothing sizes and i’m now over it. Don’t do it!

Shops should be wanting people to feel good about themselves so they buy more, not make them feel like they are 3 sizes bigger than they actually are. Sort it out retailers!

So my point is this.

If you see an outfit you want, don’t worry if it’s your usual size or whether you have to buy bigger. Wear it. Love it. Cut off the size label and just embrace the fact you are wonderful, and sexy and look amazing!

We only get one life. Don’t frett about the small stuff.

From now on, i’m not going to bother whether I buy a 14, a 16 or an 18. If it feels good and I look good, then that’s the overall goal.

Be kind to yourself. You deserve the best.

Much love x

One comment

  1. Jenni · Jul 15, 2019

    Perfect advice!! Love this post a lot. Those sizes are just arbitrary numbers and should dictate our self worth! 😊

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