Overthinking. I’m over it.

Snapchat-566207059.jpgOverthinking is such a nuisance. It really is.

My mind can be in constant overdrive and then no productive thoughts actually happen. Let me give you an example from yesterday.

Hmm…(looking in the freezer)..what should we have for dinner?”

Then I hear a train and look at it out of the window…

“Oh, look! A train…hmm, those tracks must be really old now”

Tracks-naturally make me think of rollercoasters because my inner child enjoys them more than trains….obvs.


“I haven’t been on one for years”.

Oh, wait a minute….someone lost a leg on a rollercoaster..what if I did? What if I died having fun on a rollercoaster?”

What would happen to Martha?

I wonder what songs they would play at my funeral…would they know what songs to play?

“Hmm…I need to make a WILL”  🙈😂

Now within the space of about 2 minutes I had gone from looking in the freezer to planning my funeral. What is actually wrong with me? 😂

It is also detrimental to daily activities. For me anyway.

As i’ve said before i’m not good at doing new things, especially on my own and i’m not scared to admit that even at 31 I still like my Mum to come with me 😂

Today though, I didn’t overthink…… well not as much.

I got up, got dressed (without standing analysing what I was wearing and changing my outfit 5 times,) I went for lunch and then decided to take Martha to the circus. That may seem like a normal thing for most but for me, that was huge. If I don’t know what to do somewhere then I panic or usually just avoid it. But no, we walked down to the circus, picked up our tickets and found our seats. Oh and by the way- it was awesome- and nothing bad happened because I had to make eye-contact with a circus employee 🙄🙈😂 go figure.

I’m the one in a crowd of people who would stand at the back and not make eye-contact with anyone. Not today though. I was the leader (more so because Martha is 4 and if she was in charge I would have been in there doing acrobatics) and I took charge of my own thoughts and decided from the moment I got up that I wasn’t going to overthink things and it worked.

Now tomorrow..that’s a whole other story and God only knows what my brain will be doing then but, well, for today at least. I’m content. I’m proud of myself and i’m going to get lost in a t.v drama and try my HARDEST to shut my brain off for a while.

Night night brain…you’ve done well today ❤

Much love  xx






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