Love yourself ❤


It’s hard to love yourself.

To love the things you want to change.

To love yourself on good days and bad days.

To trust in your ability to be who you really are and not mould to someone else’s idea.

I’m realising more and more that it’s ok to say “Yeah, i’m good at that”. Confidence and Arrogance are completely different. Yes, I know what i’m good at but I also know that there are plenty better than me….and I love them 😍

For me, singing is my talent and one i’m so grateful to have but I haven’t used it to it’s full potential. I’ve let it become lost in my anxieties.

When I get asked, “So you can sing?” I’ve never known how to respond incase i’m asked to sing something then and there and they don’t like it. 🙈

It’s ludicrous and irrational but the truth.

When I started posting videos of myself singing, it would be fine until i’d picture the folk rolling their eyes and thinking “she loves herself”. For all the genuine praise, I would let one negative thought spoil it.

Something weird has happened though, just in this past wee while.

I do love myself.

I know where my strengths and weaknesses are. I know I can make people happy. I know i’m not perfect.

I know i’m not everyones cup of tea and that’s completely fine.

I’ve always settled for what I thought I deserved, not what I wanted and  always tried to play it safe.

Always thought that unless i’m skinnier, prettier that I don’t deserve the best. My voice isn’t going to change whether i’m a size 8 or 20!. I may never been a size 12. If I am, great! However i’m not going to look back on my life in 50 years time and have regrets. I know what I want out of life but I have to love myself first before anyone else can.

So take note.

Know what you’re good at and for goodness sake, do it! You are completely and utterly worth it and life is just too short. Love yourself and it will radiate.

My name is Eileen.

I have a Talent.

That’s ok.

Watch this space 🙂


Much Love. Xxx







  1. sharon young · Jul 9, 2019

    Honestly when I’m reading these I feel like I’m reading about myself! Its frightening.

    You have a lovely way with words as well as your amazing voice. I hope you get your confidence back soon. Xxx

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  2. BusyMum · Jul 9, 2019

    Aw Sharon. Thank you so much. That’s why I want to keep writing because so many people have said they can relate. We all need to know that we are never alone, however we are feeling. You are amazing. Always have been and amI was always so chuffed that even though you were older you still treated me as a friend. Don’t waste the amazing talent you have. ❤❤


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